Co2 Casting

Carbon dioxide molding is a sand casting process that employs a molding mixture of sand and liquid silicate binder. The molding mixture is then hardened by blowing carbon dioxide gas through it. This method offers a great deal of advantages over other forms of sand molding. It reduces production time as well as fuel costs and reduces the number of mould boxes required for making moulds. This process also offers a great deal of accuracy in production.

At Castage, we utilize these various advantages of carbon dioxide casting to the benefit of the customer. By speeding up the casting process and offering economical solutions, we improve the productivity and profitability of our customers' business


  • Provides good dimensional tolerances through strong core and mold
  • Provides excellent casting surface finishes
  • Generally used for high-production runs
  • Accommodates a wide range of core and mold sizes.
  • When used for making cores, the CO2 process can be automated for long durations & speedy production runs.
  • Ideal for casting applications where speed and flexibility is paramount.