Investment casting

We offer state of the art investment casting service to our clients with high level of accuracy and precision.

On opting for investment casting, you are guaranteed the best performance and durability of your product. We offer engineering expertise with every quality part that we sell.

Our team of experts are always willing to show you how we can offer top quality parts at total lower costs.

While many parts we make are for new applications, investment casting still offer a functional, cost effective alternative to parts currently made by sand casting, fabrication, welding or other production methods.


Investment castings offers many advantages over the alternative methods of manufacture:

  • Design flexibility
  • Production of near net shapes
  • Precise accuracy and detail including holes, lettering, threads, serrations etc
  • Choice of alloys
  • No need for tool set up
  • Reduced production costs - as machine operations and capital equipment investment are eliminated
  • Production flexibility, accommodating both high and low volume


We can deliver precision cast product :-

  1. In fully Machined & finished Condition with in house CNC machining facilities.
  2. With surface treatment like electro polishing, chrome planting, etc

Cast material

  • Grey iron
  • Ductile iron
  • SG Iron
  • High Chrome Iron
  • White irons
  • Carbon Alloy Steels
  • Stainless Steels